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By Michael Pasternak


On January 8, 2011 the Trustees of the Facial Pain Research Foundation held their first meeting. Since that date the Foundation and its Volunteers have moved quickly and successfully to create an organization to find a cure for trigeminal neuralgia and nerve generated diseases within the decade of 2011-2020. Looking back on the first year of Foundation activities provides a sense of accomplishment but also excitement for what will occur in 2012.

OVER $100,000 RAISED FOR RESEARCH IN LESS THAN ONE YEAR  An amazing accomplishment for an organizational first year of Volunteers. As a result the Foundation now has three research projects to find a cure underway in California and Florida...and is looking for more!

EXTRAORDINARY  The “Afternoon Edition” of The Research Foundation’s WebNewsPaper has accomplished the task of teaching the world about the Foundation and its purposes, goals and activities. Under the leadership of Founding Trustee and Editor Myron (Mike) Hirsch the WebNewspaper has generated an enormous number of communications from around the world indicating support, assistance and involvement. Ever changing and informative it provides opportunities for people worldwide to read about the Foundation’s research, view videos of researchers, read stories about our researchers, view celebrities supporting the Foundation, read our pain patient stories, learn about our Volunteers and how others became involved in activities to assist the Foundation. Requests to receive more information about our research and to offer assistance occur daily. On this site people also donate funds to support the Foundation. Some set up a monthly subscription plans.

SURPRISING YET EXPECTED...VOLUNTEERS  We all know that the Foundation is 100% Volunteer...Famous and “Regular Joes”. What’s most enlightening is the number of Volunteers who are helping the Foundation that are not in pain and have never experienced neuropathic pain. In many cases they have been motivated to help the Foundation simply because someone asked them to join our cause.

Some of our Volunteers: Grammy Award Winning Musician/Producer Brent Maher is planning music events as fundraisers and has been featured in one of our support videos...New York Times Journalist Mervyn Rothstein is writing stories for us...Director James Pasternak and Actors Tony Shaloub (Monk) and Brooke Adams have just completed Public Service Announcements to be used on television and web newscasts to raise money and support...Mystery writer Leonard Finz and his publishing company shares sales proceeds with the Foundation...Tom and Susie Wasdin volunteer to match up to $120,000 in donations...Our Communications Coordinator Pam Unverzart and Volunteer Staff members Joann Alam and Cheryl Lewark communicate with our supporters. West Coast Coordinator Elizabeth Cilker-Smith has hosted numerous videos for our Webnewspaper and assisted in raising research funds. Dr. Ramesh Babu is providing the leadership for raising research support amongst our neurosurgeons.

Our Trustees are all involved...each in their own way...We have Albert Rhoton, Jr. (named 2011 World Neurosurgeon Of The Year by the World Federation of Neurosurgical Societies) ...Highly recognized Neuroscientist Doug Anderson, our Scientific Advisor and Director ...PR Guru and Entertainment Executive Jay Winer has been at work with our fundraising events...World-Wide Business Leader and Poet Suzanne Grenell has been writing for our Webnewspaper and working with Intel to link the arts with science and technology...Roger Levy, is our renowned attorney and link to the TNA Facial Pain Association...Editor and Chief Mike Hirsch’s Webnewspaper is groundbreaking and the former educator and businessman Michael Pasternak is working to create the most successful organization ever.

PAINFUL BUT POWERFUL The stories from Volunteers are on our “Afternoon Edition.” People who want the world to know how important it is that we find a cure. Men, Women and Children who want everyone to know that the surgeries and medications and treatments did not work for them. They are in pain. Research is the best answer for them. They are the reason for the Foundation’s existence.

COMMITTED AND CREATIVE We began 2011 with one research project and quickly added number two. At the end of 2011 we added a third project soon to be announced in the “Afternoon Edition”. Our three research projects to find a cure are lead by Dr. Lucia Notterpek and Dr. Andrew Ahn at the University of Florida and Dr. Allan Basbaum at the University of California, San Francisco. Each has a different focus and approach to finding the cure. Our researchers believe that a cure will require several approaches to work effectively for all people. They believe our mission is extremely important and they are busy at work. They have the vision necessary to accomplish our task and report progress on a regular basis. We feel lucky to have them as part of our research consortium. Under the leadership of Dr. Doug Anderson we are continuing to seek and add more researchers to the consortium.

ACTIVE AND INVOLVED The Foundation has successfully encouraged people to become involved and host fundraising activities to support our research growth. 2012 will see fundraisers of many kinds. This year the Foundation will offer and hold a variety of opportunities. Musical benefits including Country and Jazz...Runs and Walks...Films, Poetry and Shakespeare...High Teas and Comedy and Mystery nights. We look for new ideas and welcome all Volunteers. The involvement of John Koff and his staff at TNA The Facial Pain Association have helped enormously and assisted our activities in every way possible. We are very thankful for their support.

We have had an outstanding first year. We raised thousands of dollars for research...IN 2012 WE HOPE TO RAISE MILLIONS! EVERY SINGLE DOLLAR COUNTS! Please continue to follow our progress on THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING YOU DO FOR SO MANY.

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