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New Pain Research Attracts World-wide Attention


by Michael Pasternak


I am pleased to report to you that a donation of 100 euros arrived at The Research Foundation from a small town in Italy with the following message: “I have read your report. I can confirm every word. I live in a little town of 20,000 inhabitants in Italy and all these years I have known at least 5-6 people suffering from TN1, more than what you indicate. Happily I am without pain after compression of the ganglion. But fearing it will be back any moment.” 

Another person from the mountains of Colorado sent $2000 by way of our Foundation WebNewspaper donation button. 

Ten people from a TN Support Group in Tennessee each sent a few dollars in an envelope! 

Every little bit counts!


Requests from people asking to participate in the research have also been coming in...some even offering to cover the full cost of the DNA testing process ($1770) for themselves or others! 

...and some just openly ask us how they can help the Foundation to find a cure?! 

It doesn’t surprise me that people from around the globe are contacting us about the recent Foundation Research project aimed to find a cure for TN and related neuropathic pain. They are responding with their hearts and their donations to support research. (The newest search project is named “In Search Of A Cure...Finding The Genes That Predispose To Trigeminal Neuralgia”) 

It doesn’t surprise me because for the first time in history people with neuropathic pain have a Research Foundation focused on finding a cure that they can support...a scientific team dedicated to finding a cure by 2020.


So, join the team at

Questions or comments, please get in touch.


Michael Pasternak, Ph.D., Founding Trustee 

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