The Facial Pain Research Foundation (FPRF) was established in 2011 with one singular mission: find a CURE for trigeminal neuralgia and related neuropathic facial pain, while also developing therapies to permanently stop other nerve-generated facial pains and diseases. We endeavored to be an all-volunteer organization, allowing us to avoid the bureaucracy that often plagues similar organizations, giving us the ability to approve and accelerate research quickly, and ensuring that 95¢ of every dollar pledged to us goes directly to our research. And in adhering to that mandate, the results have been nothing short of amazing.

Our Mission


Facing My Pain: Marsha Garcia

Marsha Garcia is an ATV racer, non-profit leader, event facilitator, mother, wife, grandmother, and person diagnosed with trigeminal neuralgia – all hats that she wears with determination and strength. Watching Marsha speed through the trails of the Arizona desert, it may seem difficult to believe that she is diagnosed with a neuropathic chronic pain disorder – especially one that can be triggered by outdoor elements such as wind and jolting movements.

Kelsey Darragh: Internet Superstar, Author, TN Patient

Kelsey Darragh’s job revolves around talking. All. The. Time. About everything. And she’s good at it, too – having created a candidly relatable, international presence on Buzzfeed, YouTube, TikTok, and other leading online platforms. So, it may come as a huge shock that she was diagnosed with neuropathic pain impacting her jaw—the thing she uses all day for work.

Support Small Business, Support FPRF!

The Facial Pain Research Foundation is honored to be the recipient of a fundraising campaign undertaken by online business Blue Pine. They are donating a portion of every sale from their website to FPRF for the next three months.


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