Raise money for FPRF!

Any kind of fundraiser helps!

We have big events, and we also have lots of smaller events and partnerships that bring in funds.  If you’d like to start small, think bake sales, asking for donations via Facebook, or teaming up with a local business to offer a percentage of sales to FPRF. If you’d like to plan a bigger fundraiser, this checklist might help. If you have ANY questions, email info@facingfacialpain.org

  • Does this type of activity fall under your area of interest and/or expertise?
  • Would this kind of event appeal to a TN patient, or someone with a connection to TN?
  • Will a patient be able to participate in this event (if that’s your goal)? For example, wind surfing would not be an ideal activity for a TN patient!
  • Don’t rush to pick any of the above; make sure there are no date conflicts first.
  • Especially consider busy periods like holiday weekends, graduations, spring breaks, etc.
  • Would the date conflict with our two biggest fundraisers, Laugh Your Face Off and The Race AgainsTNerve Pain?
  • Are there any similar events happening on the date you’re targeting that your audience might be interested in?
  • Check to see if any permits or certificates are needed for the venue or setting, especially if it is a public space.
  • Give yourself AT LEAST 6 months to plan your event, longer if it is your first fundraising event.
  • What will you charge for your event? How else will your event raise money? Look at similar events in your area for an idea.
  • Make sure to set a realistic fundraising goal that will exceed your costs. We don’t want you to lose money!

At this point, you’re welcome to reach out to us, and we can provide you with feedback from our past experiences, and possibly connect you with people who have either done similar events, or are interested in helping.

  • You can’t run an entire event on your own. Ask trusted friends and family if they’d be willing to help.
  • Get a clear idea of how much time your volunteers can give in the months leading up to the event, so you can delegate the planning accordingly.
  • Start with businesses that you frequent, as well as those owned/run by friends and family.
  • Research which companies in your area are heavily involved in the community, and/or are most charitable.
  • Will you simply ask for donations via check, cash, or e-pay app like Paypal?
  • Will you set up a website or online presence to accept donations?
  • Will you use a fundraising software like OneCause or GiveSmart? Keep in mind that, while these have benefits, they can be quite costly. Let us know if you’re considering one, and we can provide feedback.
  • A website is ideal if you have the means or ability to furnish one. If not, social media works great!
  • Flyers, posters and signs in public places also work (again, check if you need permission to post). Consider places where TN is widely known- doctor and dentist offices, etc.
  • Let us know about your event, so we can help you promote it.
  • If necessary, do a practice run-through of your event on site
  • If your event will rely heavily on a web component, or digital software, practice extensively, and do a trial run as if the event is happening in real time
  • Tell us how you much you raised and arrange transfer of funds
  • Let us know what worked, what didn’t, so we can help you improve your event. Or, hopefully, you can tell us what to do to encourage more giving
  • Make sure everyone who donates receives some kind of thank-you recognition for their generosity
  • Emails are great, cards are even better, especially for sponsors!