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I’m Getting Questions



Now that our Foundation Webnewspaper is up and running I’m beginning to receive questions from you. I realize that no matter how much we try to explain who we are, what we are about and our purposes and goals, questions still exist. It is important that we try to answer the questions as we seek to influence you to get involved and help us. So lets take a look at two of your questions:


Why didn’t you do this five years ago? This question is being asked in several different ways. Like, “If it wasn’t a good idea five years ago, why is it now?” Or, “You are very very bad people for having taken so long to have finally created the Foundation that you should have developed way back then!” Or, “I have been suffering with these unsuccessful medications and surgeries you told us about and now you are admitting that they don’t work and we need to find a cure!”


Look, there are no excuses. I wish we would have created this Foundation years ago when I was the President of TNA-The Face Pain Association. I believe all of us wish we would have had more “great ideas” back then. Certainly TNA has helped thousands of people with a multitude of programs. Supporting research has always been a purpose of the Association but for whatever reasons the leadership and resources necessary to find a cure did not materialize. We now have the people who will focus on finding a cure in the next ten years and I believe we now have the passion and leadership necessary to be successful.


What motivated you to provide the leadership necessary to create the Research move it from an “idea” to reality?


Two “things” happened. Both telephone calls. The first seeking help from my wife Sherrilyn’s aunt who had a root canal procedure go wrong. Terrible constant pain from nerve damage. The second, one of our nephews (in his mid 40’s) experiencing “lightening like pain” in his left eye that could not be diagnosed by the opthamologists.

These calls were very upsetting to me. I was thinking “that after all these years helping to create programs designed to educate and support patients in pain and we still don’t have a’s time to find a cure”. I shared my thoughts first with my friend Mike Hirsch (also a former TNA President) and he said let’s pull together the very best group of dedicated people to accomplish the task of creating The Foundation. And we did.


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