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Michael Pasternak and Dr. Zak at a Facial Pain Conference


On the phone last night with my brother Jim, the well known teacher of Hollywood film directors, we talked about the creation of celebrity television and radio public service announcements that would gain support for our Foundation.  We discussed a few celebrities to approach, places for tapings to occur, and options for editing and then Jim asked the most difficult of questions.


“Who is the audience...who are you trying to reach?” 


Wow, where do I begin?  I believe we need to reach out as  broadly and effectively as we can.  Neuropathic pain, including trigeminal neuralgia and its impact on people, is simply one of the world’s best kept secrets.  While TNA-The Face Pain Association has enlightened thousands in need of support and information, the simple fact is that the general public and too many health professionals are ignorant of the “suicide disease” and the need to find a cure. 


(I was very lucky that a successful surgery by Dr. Peter Jannetta ended my pain in 1992.    Thousands have been successfully treated by neurosurgeons.  Unfortunately, too many are unaware of the large numbers of failed surgeries and risky damaging medications that are the reality of yesterday and today.  In fact, one NIH grant  reviewer recently replied to a request for funding TN research by stating that the research wasn’t important because we have the necessary drugs to take care of the problem.)


We will create a series of brief videos of pain patients, celebrities, researchers, neurosurgeons, neurologists, etc. to tell our story.  These will be used at gatherings of organizations, business leaders, and through all of the media outlets available to us including our Webnewspaper and Facebook pages.  Today we approach our first celebrity and ask her to help us. We are writing the dialog.


So, this Friday Jay Winer and I will meet with Bob Keilhofer (see Pain Stories) to create our first video.  It will be the beginning of many to help influence people to become involved with our Foundation and support its mission. 


Our research is underway and we will find a cure.  Please get involved and help us.


I will  continue to communicate with you in this Webnewspaper column on a regular basis.  Please feel free to contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Michael Pasternak, PhD  Trustee




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