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When I think of the enormous surge of activity during the first 133 days generated by the Foundation and its Trustees I have to smile.

No doubt, the recruitment of volunteers to our cause has been substantial and essential...Pam Unverzart, our story writer, fundraising host, and log-in record keeper...Joann Alam sending out our thank you letters and keeping track of donors...Elizabeth Cilker-Smith our West Coast Coordinator, who has just completed a video interview of our UCSF researcher Allan Basbaum...and our

Florida Coordinator Karen Burris...and our Facebook consultant Bart Nigro...and...and...and...the list goes on!

Our Friends who have told their pain stories have been invaluable in explaining our goal of finding a cure. Of course, our amazing researchers have helped! Our donors...who have given their time and talent and money.

Who would have guessed we would have help from Leonard Finz, our mystery writer and Grammy winner Producer-Songwriter Brent Maher?

And today the distinguished New York Times Journalist Mervyn Rothstein writes for our webnewspaper.

Patient Tiffany Smith has agreed to allow us to use her pictures on fundraising collection materials and devices. Videos of Kay and Bob Keilhofer and their experiences have been amazing.

Americans have a tradition of helping others and it truly has been our experience as we have started up The Facial Pain Research Foundation. 

No doubt we will have more fundraising excitement in the next 133 days...We will focus that time on creating new materials necessary to influence donations and outreach activities related to their use....such as brochures and videos for different types of meetings and events. They will explain who we are...why we are important...and how people can help.

We will also use the next 133 days to plan fall and winter fundraising events in all areas of the country.

This week my wife Sherrilyn and I are going off on a great vacation to celebrate 35 years of marriage. This pause in my Foundation activities creates a good time to take a look at what we all have accomplished since our first Board of Trustees meeting on January 8, 2011...and what we will focus on in the next 133 days.

Thanks a billion to everyone who has helped us to grow. We are unique...special...and committed to finding a cure!




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