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There's Room for More ... Volunteers

By Michael Pasternak


It is amazing the number of people asking us at the Foundation “how can WE help you?”

As our Facial Pain Research Foundation grows into its first six months of activity here are a few of the most recent Volunteer activities to share with you...  

Some of our doggie agility friends have been talking with us about raising money for research through some agility “fun runs”...sounds great to me! Having fun and money too!

Polly Potter from Arkansas has put together a booklet for our Foundation entitled “Conducting A Successful Race Event” and has offered to help us stage a run to raise money! Looks like others will follow.

Six Time Grammy award winning Nashville Writer/Producer Brent Maher and his daughter Dianna are planning fund-raising benefits and people will soon be able to download music off of our Foundation webnewspaper site. Music will be available for purchase with the monies going to our research.

As a result of the Paragon Connection book sales we are getting requests from other authors who wish to help us...Thank you Leonard Finz and Roundtree Mysteries!

Jim Pasternak has heard from Academy Award winner Martin Landau that he would like to do a Public Service Announcement to help the Foundation bring in more donations.

Jim is also contacting television production casts to identify others willing to speak out to fund research to “end the pain”. The PSA will be made by professionals volunteering in the LA studio.

When one begins to add up the number of Foundation Volunteers, it appears that we have attracted quite a crowd.

We have Volunteer Pain Story Tellers, Volunteers Tom and Susie and their great Challenge Grant, Volunteer Story Writers, Volunteer Outreach Coordinators, Volunteer Facebook Consultants, Volunteer “Thank You!” Messengers, Volunteer Contributors, Volunteer Webnewspaper Staff, and Volunteer Pain Patients spreading the word about our efforts.  

So, please join our Volunteer Crowd .. rumor has it "There Is Room For More."

Give Michael Pasternak a call at 352-377-1437 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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