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The Facial Pain Research Foundation


Naples Florida Science Meeting


March 5 & 6





On March 5-6, 2015 the Scientific Meeting of the Foundation was held at


a home in Naples. Scientists came from their world-wide laboratories


to report their research progress to the Trustees of The Foundation. This


Meeting had enormous importance to 400,000 trigeminal pain sufferers in


the United States and millions across the globe. This cutting edge


research extends beyond trigeminal neuralgia to those who suffer from all


nerve damage including multiple sclerosis, phantom nerve pain, and those


who experience nerve damage from chemotherapy.


It is very important that this Scientific Meeting be held in a quiet, private,


location away from the main-stream media. The findings must be kept


confidential until the announcements regarding clinical trials and the


intellectual property rights must be protected. Naples has truly been


the ideal location for our Meetings.



photo by Jay Winer

Not pictured Dr. Allan Basbaum, Pam Unverzart 


Science Meeting Participants: 


Dr. Marshall Devor, Israel, Dr. Joanna Zakrzewska, London, England, Dr. 

Ze’ev Seltzer, Toronto, Canada, Dr. Allan Basbaum, San Francisco, Dr. Kim 

Burchiel, Portland, Oregon, Dr. Scott Diehl, New Jersey, 

Dr. Lucia Notterpek, Dr. Albert Rhoton, Jr., Dr. Douglas Anderson, Dr. John Neubert, Dr. Mingzhou Ding, Michael G. Pasternak, Ph.D., Gainesville, Florida,


Gwen Asplundh, Philadelphia, Dr.Catherine Bushnell, NIH Bethesda, MD, Roger Levy, Scottsdale, AZ, Jay Winer, North Carolina, Jean Raymond,   Vermont, Suzanne Grenell, AZ, Elizabeth Cilker-Smith, Los Gatos, CA, Peter and Dana Langerman, New Jersey, Pat and Amy Tomasulo, Chicago, Pam Unverzart, Florida, Mike and Harriet Hirsch, Naples, FL. 





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