Project Description

Jay Winer

Jay Winer oversees Communications as a member of the FPRF Executive Committee, relying on his years of experience as a marketing and public relations consultant and fundraiser. He was Executive Director of Public Relations and Community Affairs for The Grove Park Inn Resort and Spa in Asheville, NC for many years, racking up over $15M in advertising equivalency through over 50 national TV specials, print stories, and regional and local news coverage. He and his wife, Maddie, also booked popular entertainers for the Resort and directed over 100 theatrical and concert stage events. Today, they are leading supporters of the National Historic Trust and the Humane Society in the Asheville area, where they reside. Jay became involved with TN awareness and research through his friendship with Michael Pasternak, donating many hours as a volunteer for the Facial Pain Association, then joining Michael when FPRF was created.

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