Project Description

Myron A. Hirsch, Ph.B.
Founding Trustee, Emeritus

Myron “Mike” Hirsch is an author, editor and book publisher who founded Whitehall Printing Company (a book manufacturer) in 1959. The company prints thousands of books each year, including educational books on neuropathic facial pain for patients and their families, as well as health-care professionals. He is also Editor-in-Chief and publisher for Collage Books Inc. Mike’s wife, Harriet, struggled with TN for many years, but was able to enjoy some pain-free years as a result of a Gamma Knife® procedure. But after the pain returned in 2010, he joined forces with Michael Pasternak and the other Founding Trustees to create The Facial Pain Research Foundation. Mike created the Foundation’s “Web Newspaper,” serving as Editor-in-Chief of our online publication that spread news of our research all over the world. Mike is also a former President of the Facial Pain Association. Today, thankfully, Harriet is pain-free again, and she and Mike live happily in Phoenix, AZ.

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