The Facial Pain Research Foundation is proud to be a beneficiary of two upcoming virtual 5K’s.

September brings the next Race AgainsTNerve Pain Virtual 5K. Founder Jamie Paplaczak created this virtual event in the northwest suburbs of Chicago to support a close family friend who is a TN patient. Among Jamie’s goal is to raise awareness about the disease and what it’s like to live with it. “This event is important to me because it’s given hope to some,” Jamie says. “TN warriors, know you aren’t fighting this battle alone. Know there are people advocating to raise awareness. Know there are people working to raise money to fund research to help you. Know there are people supporting and fighting with you.” Sign up for this event at


And there’s MORE!

October sees the inaugural Getting on My Nerves 5K, created by TN patient Jessica Dobbs. This event, based in Portland, OR,is a free, virtual 5k aiming to increase awareness of TN, create empathy for fellow warriors, and help raise

money to find a cure. Jessica says, “TN tried to take everything away from me. This invisible battle demands strength, patience, self-love, and grace. This event proves to every TN warrior that they can fight another day!” Find more information and register here: