The Facial Pain Research Foundation is honored to be the recipient of a fundraising campaign undertaken by online business Blue Pine. Owners Chrissie and DJ design and create handmade woodworking and screen printing crafts in their California shop. They were inspired to get involved by their close friend, Lauren, who is a TN patient. Says Chrissie:

Chrissie and DJ

“Lauren’s been living with trigeminal neuralgia for the past several years, and we see how it affects her day-to day-activities. The pain got so intense that she had to go to the emergency room during her vacation with her husband. This year for Christmas, she asked for no physical gifts, but a donation to support the research of finding a cure for TN. Of course, we donated, but we wanted to take it a step further. That’s when we decided to donate a portion of every sale from our website ( to The Facial Pain Research Foundation for the next three months. We love that this is the only organization researching a cure for TN, and we are honored to be part of something bigger, amazing, and impactful.”

Chrissie and DJ hope to bring more awareness to trigeminal neuralgia. Chrissie notes that they had never heard of TN until Lauren’s diagnosis. She says, “We are much stronger when united, and we’re hoping to spread the word about what TN is, how it affects patients, and how people can help. The more people who are aware of TN, the more pledges there are to join FPRF’s mission.”


This is Blue Pine’s first fundraising campaign, and Chrissie and DJ are excited for it to gain momentum. “We’re planning to continue to support TN research and the community even after our campaign ends. We love Lauren, and this is in support of her. There is no greater feeling than knowing you are supported, and someone truly cares about what you’re going through. This is our way of contributing and assuring Lauren and everyone else fighting face pain out there – know that we support you!”

Blue Pine’s TN awareness and fundraising campaign runs through March 31, 2022. Blue Pine will donate 3% of all purchases to the Facial Pain Research Foundation. Visit their website at