Elaine Skiades is a girl on a mission.

She watched her grandfather suffer with TN for years. And now, she’s helping the Facial Pain Research Foundation in our quest for a cure by creating and selling these fantastic t-shirts. All proceeds will benefit FPRF.

“For many years, my grandpa fought through severe pain episodes that impacted his ability to do everyday activities like talking and eating. The pain became increasingly worse over the years. After a particularly rough stretch and several ineffective medications, he had elective surgery in 2018 and has been pain-free ever since!

“My grandpa’s story is one of success but, unfortunately, trigeminal neuralgia is a complex disease and certain treatments may not be a lasting solution for all cases. Even after surgery, there’s a chance my grandpa’s pain could return. I can barely imagine how difficult it is to deal with TN firsthand, but I know that watching your loved ones suffer is a terrible experience.

“I decided to use my love for art to design these t-shirts in an effort to spread awareness about this rare disease and hopefully bring us one step closer to finding more effective, permanent treatments for all patients.”

Elaine created the fundraiser as an extension of a school research project on the psychological impacts and causes of chronic pain. Fueled by her personal connection to and understanding of TN, she wanted to use her talents to impact the facial pain community.

“No one deserves to suffer, or watch their loved ones suffer through TN. Through this fundraiser, my hope is to bring us one step closer to making sure no one has to.”

The Facial Pain Research Foundation thanks Elaine for helping us to raise awareness and vital funds in our quest for a cure for trigeminal neuralgia.