Project Description

Dr. Joanna Zakrzewska, M.D., BDS.

Dr. Joanna Zakrzewska, M.D., BDS. of London, England is the International Research Coordinator for The Facial Pain Research Foundation, as well as the Director of the largest oral-facial pain clinic in the United Kingdom. Both a medical doctor and a dentist, “Dr. Zak,” as she is affectionately known, is the most acclaimed facial pain doctor in the world. She consults on several of the FPRF research projects, drawing from her worldwide grasp on TN research and treatments, and has identified leading research scientists who could possibly assist the Foundation, often requesting their participation. Joanna has presented her TN-related insights, skills, and understandings across the globe, and her publications indicate a vast knowledge of TN patients, and the effects of the disorder on their lives, families, work, and life-styles. She continues to see facial pain sufferers at her clinic in London.

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