Project Description

Wendy Dahl, Ph.D.

Wendy Dahl, Ph.D. is an Associate Professor of Nutritional Sciences, and a Nutrition Extension Specialist in the Food Science and Human Nutrition (FSHN) Department at the University of Florida. Dr. Dahl’s Extension and publication efforts focus on increasing evidence-based knowledge of Extension educators, health professionals, and also the general public related to wellness-promoting food and nutrition strategies, and the promotion of healthful dietary behaviors, as well as nutrition risk reduction in older adults.  Her current research interests focus on the relationships between fiber, diet quality, probiotics, and the gut microbiome in health and disease.  She has joined the FPRF International Consortium of Scientists primarily to work with Drs. Notterpek and Percival to create and implement a new project to test the effectiveness of substances developed in Dr. Notterpek’s myelin project.

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